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Family of Kenneth Brant FISHER and Betty "Sophia" BANYAC

Husband: Kenneth Brant FISHER (1912-1994)
Wife: Betty "Sophia" BANYAC (1915-1982)
Children: Martha Anne FISHER
Carolyn Mercer FISHER
Deborah Lee FISHER
Marriage Aug 4, 1943 Kansas City, MO

Husband: Kenneth Brant FISHER

Name: Kenneth Brant FISHER
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Allan FISHER (1870-1942)
Mother: Anne Carolyn MERCER (1878-1943)
Birth Jan 10, 1912 Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Death Feb 24, 1994 (age 82)

Wife: Betty "Sophia" BANYAC

Name: Betty "Sophia" BANYAC
Sex: Female
Father: Daniel BANYAC (1878-1919)
Mother: Yeko (1881-1945)
Birth Mar 27, 1915 Columbus, OH
Death Sep 19, 1982 (age 67)

Child 1: Martha Anne FISHER

Name: Martha Anne FISHER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Karl WALKER

Child 2: Carolyn Mercer FISHER

Name: Carolyn Mercer FISHER
Sex: Female
Spouse: David Andrew DIAMOND

Child 3: Deborah Lee FISHER

Name: Deborah Lee FISHER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Peter Fenn HAMM