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Family of Thomas Russell FISHER and Virginia Lois DODSON

Husband: Thomas Russell FISHER (1913-1994)
Wife: Virginia Lois DODSON (1916-2013)
Children: Lauranne Brant FISHER
Marriage Nov 30, 1947 Los Angeles, CA

Husband: Thomas Russell FISHER

Name: Thomas Russell FISHER
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Allan FISHER (1870-1942)
Mother: Anne Carolyn MERCER (1878-1943)
Birth Dec 27, 1913 Kansas City, MO
Occupation Attorney
Death 1994 (age 80-81) Long Beach, CA

Wife: Virginia Lois DODSON

Name: Virginia Lois DODSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Apr 4, 1916 Kansas City, MO
Death Nov 19, 2013 (age 97) Long Beach, CA

Child 1: Lauranne Brant FISHER

Name: Lauranne Brant FISHER
Sex: Female
Spouse: James Radford MCMANNIS