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Family of Flois Winfield HOMER and Geneva Minta DUNEGAN

Husband: Flois Winfield HOMER (1910-1993)
Wife: Geneva Minta DUNEGAN (1914-1988)
Children: Terry Don HOMER (1943-2011)
Marriage Jun 3, 1950

Husband: Flois Winfield HOMER

Name: Flois Winfield HOMER
Sex: Male
Father: Marion Curtis HOMER (1881-1952)
Mother: Alma Mae JOHNSON (1886-1961)
Birth 1910
Death 1993 (age 82-83)

Wife: Geneva Minta DUNEGAN

Name: Geneva Minta DUNEGAN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1914
Death 1988 (age 73-74)

Child 1: Terry Don HOMER

Name: Terry Don HOMER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ginny Lee JACKSON
Birth 1943
Death 2011 (age 67-68)