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Family of Marion Curtis HOMER and Imogene RICH

Husband: Marion Curtis HOMER (1921-1983)
Wife: Imogene RICH (1933-2005)
Children: Cleta Joy HOMER
Monte C. HOMER
Alma Jean HOMER

Husband: Marion Curtis HOMER

Name: Marion Curtis HOMER
Sex: Male
Father: Marion Curtis HOMER (1881-1952)
Mother: Alma Mae JOHNSON (1886-1961)
Birth 1921
Title Jr.
Death 1983 (age 61-62)

Wife: Imogene RICH

Name: Imogene RICH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1933
Death 2005 (age 71-72)

Child 1: Cleta Joy HOMER

Name: Cleta Joy HOMER
Sex: Female

Child 2: Monte C. HOMER

Name: Monte C. HOMER
Sex: Male

Child 3: Alma Jean HOMER

Name: Alma Jean HOMER
Sex: Female