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Family of Ernest Alfred "James Ernest" PILLEY and Ruth Neva HAVELY

Husband: Ernest Alfred "James Ernest" PILLEY (1888-1956)
Wife: Ruth Neva HAVELY (1892-1964)
Children: Ruth Ernestine PILLEY
Robert Ernest PILLEY
June Maureen PILLEY
James Francis PILLEY
Marriage Feb 16, 1913 Barnes, KA

Husband: Ernest Alfred "James Ernest" PILLEY

Name: Ernest Alfred "James Ernest" PILLEY
Sex: Male
Father: John Cecil Mark PILLEY (1843-1936)
Mother: Elizabeth SHAW (1842-1922)
Birth Jan 3, 1888 Wymore, NE
Death May 24, 1956 (age 68) San Diego, CA

Wife: Ruth Neva HAVELY

Name: Ruth Neva HAVELY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Sep 21, 1892 Barnes, KA
Death Jun 16, 1964 (age 71) Kansas City, MO

Child 1: Ruth Ernestine PILLEY

Name: Ruth Ernestine PILLEY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas L. DEASE

Child 2: Robert Ernest PILLEY

Name: Robert Ernest PILLEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Thelma LeGene MERTEN

Child 3: June Maureen PILLEY

Name: June Maureen PILLEY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edmond EDMONDSON

Child 4: James Francis PILLEY

Name: James Francis PILLEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ruth SMITH