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Family of Herman MEYERSOHN and Jennie ASCHER

Husband: Herman MEYERSOHN (1872-1906)
Wife: Jennie ASCHER (1871-1952)
Children: Rudolph MEYERSOHN (1902-1975)
Rosalind "Mamie" MEYERSOHN (1905-1998)
Marriage bef 1902

Husband: Herman MEYERSOHN

Name: Herman MEYERSOHN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Mar 27, 1872
Death Aug 10, 1906 (age 34)
Burial Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Wife: Jennie ASCHER

Name: Jennie ASCHER
Sex: Female
Father: Simon Abraham ASCHER (1841-1914)
Mother: Bertha LEWYN (1839-1913)
Birth May 8, 1871 Michigan
Death Jan 28, 1952 (age 80)
Burial Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Child 1: Rudolph MEYERSOHN

Name: Rudolph MEYERSOHN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Bluma DISNER (1909-1991)
Birth Aug 5, 1902 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
Death Jun 20, 1975 (age 72) Southfield, MI
Burial Livonia, MI

Child 2: Rosalind "Mamie" MEYERSOHN

Name: Rosalind "Mamie" MEYERSOHN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Max NEUMAN (1903-1980)
Birth Jul 12, 1905 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
Death Dec 2, 1998 (age 93)
Burial Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Note on Wife: Jennie ASCHER

Herman Meyersohn owned the Monroe Street Saloon in Toledo, Ohio, at

3255 Monroe Street. After he died, Sol came to live in a duplex with

Jennie, and he ran the saloon until Prohibition started. Jennie moved

back to Detroit by 1920, where she lived at 84 Euclid Ave.