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Family of Ernest ASCHER and Josephine STERN

Husband: Ernest ASCHER (c. 1865-bef1924)
Wife: Josephine STERN ( - )
Children: Charles Stern ASCHER (1899- )
Josephine ASCHER ( - )
Marriage Feb 22, 1898 New York, NY

Husband: Ernest ASCHER

Name: Ernest ASCHER
Sex: Male
Father: Simon Abraham ASCHER (1841-1914)
Mother: Bertha LEWYN (1839-1913)
Birth c. 1865 Prussia
Immigration Nov 12, 1866 (age 0-1) to Weimer
resided 1867 (age 1-2) Detroit, Wayne County, MI
census 1870 Jul 23, 1870 (age 4-5) Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Death bef 1924 (age 58-59)

Wife: Josephine STERN

Name: Josephine STERN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Charles Stern ASCHER

Name: Charles Stern ASCHER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret Helen SHIRE ( - )
Birth Apr 20, 1899

Child 2: Josephine ASCHER

Name: Josephine ASCHER
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: Ernest ASCHER

Ernest lived in Michigan with his family in 1870, and by 1880, when he

was only 15, he lived in New York City, on E. 72nd Street, with Adolph

Lewyn, and worked in the cigar factory. He died shortly before his

niece Ernestine (Solomon's daughter) was born in 1924, and as is the

Jewish custom, she was named after him.