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Family of Alexander HIRSCHFELD and Minna "Minnie" ASCHER

Husband: Alexander HIRSCHFELD (1854-1899)
Wife: Minna "Minnie" ASCHER (1863-1929)
Children: Magnus Alexander HIRSCHFELD (1885-1964)
Bruno Alexander HIRSCHFELD (1889-1967)
Marriage bef 1884

Husband: Alexander HIRSCHFELD

Name: Alexander HIRSCHFELD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jan 10, 1854
Immigration Sep, 1872 (age 18) to New York, NY
NY Passenger List: 1872 September aboard Fresia from Germany:
Alex Hirschfeld 18 Male Clerk ? [this would make his birth year 1854]
Fresia departed from Hamburg Germany & LeHavre, France. No other
Hirschfield aboard that sailing.
Death Nov 7, 1899 (age 45)
Burial Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Wife: Minna "Minnie" ASCHER

Name: Minna "Minnie" ASCHER
Sex: Female
Father: Simon Abraham ASCHER (1841-1914)
Mother: Bertha LEWYN (1839-1913)
Birth May 30, 1863 Prussia
Immigration Nov 12, 1866 (age 3) to Weimer
resided 1867 (age 3-4) Detroit, Wayne County, MI
census 1870 Jul 23, 1870 (age 7) Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Death Feb 14, 1929 (age 65)
Burial Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Child 1: Magnus Alexander HIRSCHFELD

Name: Magnus Alexander HIRSCHFELD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ethel HERZOG ( - )
Birth Jun 8, 1885 Milwaukee, WI
Death May, 1964 (age 78)

Child 2: Bruno Alexander HIRSCHFELD

Name: Bruno Alexander HIRSCHFELD
Sex: Male
Birth Dec 4, 1889 Milwaukee, WI
Death Feb, 1967 (age 77)

Note on Husband: Alexander HIRSCHFELD

Alex immigrated in September, 1872, aboard the Fresia, which sailed

from Hamburg, Germany and LeHavre, France, to New York. At that time,

he listed his occupation as clerk.

Note on Wife: Minna "Minnie" ASCHER

In 1880, Minnie was still living with her parents and was a milliner

(hat maker). Minnie married Alex Hirschfeld and they had at least two

children in Wisconsin.

By 1900, Minnie, born in May 1863, is a widow according to the MI

census. This census shows she has 2 children, both living. She

immigrated in 1867 and has been here 33 years. She is a Groceries

Keeper. Magnus was born June 1885 in Wisconsin; Bruno was born

December 1889 in Wisconsin. This permits us to determine that they

married in or before 1884. Alex died between 1889 and 1900, possibly

in Wisconsin.

In 1910, Minnie remains a widow according to the MI census. She had 4

children, 2 of whom were living in 1910, Magnus A, age 24, born in

Wisconsin; and Bruno A., age 20, born in Wisconsin. Minnie has no

profession. Magnus is a Bookkeeper in a City Office and Bruno is a

salesman in a Dry Goods store.