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Family of Ludwig (Louis) ASCHER and May

Husband: Ludwig (Louis) ASCHER (1862-1906)
Wife: May (1869-1934)
Marriage 1890

Husband: Ludwig (Louis) ASCHER

Name: Ludwig (Louis) ASCHER
Sex: Male
Father: Simon Abraham ASCHER (1841-1914)
Mother: Bertha LEWYN (1839-1913)
Birth Mar 20, 1862 Prussia
Immigration Nov 12, 1866 (age 4) to Weimer
resided 1867 (age 4-5) Detroit, Wayne County, MI
census 1870 Jul 23, 1870 (age 8) Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Death Apr 18, 1906 (age 44)
Burial Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Wife: May

Name: May
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Feb 13, 1869 England
Immigration 1873 (age 3-4)
Death May 14, 1934 (age 65)
Burial Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Note on Husband: Ludwig (Louis) ASCHER

Louis arrived on 12 November 1866 in New York aboard the Palmyra,

which departed from Liverpool and Queenstown. He was 5 years old at

the time. Later, he became a naturalized citizen and married a woman

named May. He was a cigar maker in 1880 and 1900. They rented a

house at 176 High East in Detroit.

Louis had two cigar stores in 1890 and 1891. One was at the northwest

corner of Jefferson Avenue and Randolph, and the other was at 74


After Louis passed away, May lived with her cousin Henry Blinst (name

unclear) and a housekeeper at 560 25th Street in 1910. Louis and May

had no children.

Louis's native language was German, but he could also read, write, and

speak English.

Note on Wife: May

May immigrated in 1843. Her parents were also born in England. May

could read, write, and speak English. After her husband Louis died,

in 1910 she was the head of a rented house on Twenty Fifth. She lived

with her cousin, Henry Blinst (name unclear), who was 18 and worked as

a trimmer for an auto company. They also had a housekeeper who lived

with them. In 1920, she lived with her brother-in-law Burt and Anna

Hanna on LaSalle Blvd. Anna was 2 years younger than May. Burt was a

dealer in lumber and an employer who owned his house with no mortgage.

In 1920 there are no children listed for Anna and Burt.